NODOS project

The Nodes are ways to generate, promote and develop different connection strategies between people, organizations, resources, knowledge, experiences and other possibilities that may arise. MIRARES works from this perspective to support the processes of local integration and improve the quality of life of the participants.

Thus, by listening and thinking about participant’s different social and work trajectories, we began to work on the possibilities of developing production and service nodes in collaboration with other organizations and groups of people.

As a result, people from different cultures interact in designated spaces whose main objective is integration into the workplace. Language is not a barrier in these cases, since practice builds knowledge and in the act of doing, the leader and participants are linked beyond words, in a teaching-learning process that turns into products and experiences

Some of the participants, refugees, and migrants who participated in various MIRARES projects and programs were able to join together in other projects, as well, such as kick-starting the NODE project of leather products. From one of these networks came the possibility of using different machines to produce articles in leather.

The group reached an agreement with Cooperative Culpina for use of their equipment and space. In this way the NODE was formed as a education space as well as collaborative workplace. The civil association Enlace Social also joined in coordinating trainings for the start-up and development of the enterprise.

There the participants learn to design, produce, manage and market their product. The workshops that take place each week allow the people who participate (Argentine entrepreneurs, refugees and migrants) to share their knowledge, generate new skills, raise their concerns and be part of a collective effort. As in any dynamic space, networks continue to be generated while simultaneously, individual productive and marketing ventures are built.


The migrants and refugees who participate in MIRARES projects have experiences related to different areas. Hospitality, in a broad sense, was one of them. Their cultures of origin and experiences are combined and generate new experiences that can contribute to the construction of different groups related to the areas of gastronomy, hotels and tourism. From the Secretary of Extension, the National University of Quilmes, through the University Program of Social Incubation (PUIS), began to develop a training project that allows recipients access to professional training related to the hospitality industry and obtain a certification that accredits such knowledge, free of charge. To this end, a training program was developed, which will be carried out by the Bachelor in Hotel Management and the University Incubator in Tourism Community-based Solidarity Partner (ITSSBC) with the following contents related to the field of hospitality:

– Attention to the visitor and quality of service
– Hotel reception
– Basic courses in Food and Drink Service
– Informational resources for reception and reservations

This node is being developed within the carpentry space of the La Dignidad organization. In it, the participants can learn, perfect or incorporate new knowledge to their trade.

Together with the cooperative La Huella and the University Program of Social Incubation (PUIS-UNQ) through the University Incubator in Social and Solidarity Economics of Socio-Environmental Intervention, a product is being developed made from recycled pallets that will become urban nurseries/gardens. These nurseries will house different types of plants in small spaces and take care of the environment.