OIR – Orientation and social inclusion for refugees

This project includes the distinct actions:

In depth interview: within this space, a professional from our team becomes familiar with essential aspects of each person’s living situation including housing, health, education, and work. In this last aspect is related to issues of work experience, educational background, knowledge, and capacities acquired in the country of origin, as well as any abilities that can be reclaimed and made valuable during the process of local integration.

A database allows interested companies and organizations access to profiles made for employment searches, the development of small businesses, and trainings, among others.


The Intercultural Group Workshop aim to promote the orientation, assistance, and familiarization of the target population with cultural and idiosyncratically Argentine guidelines. At the same time, they allow for the sharing of experiences and concerns amount participants. They also guide in the initial steps to access the country’s institutional, social, and productive systems (CUIL, home address, bank accounts, education, etc.). These workshops use a participatory method as we consider it fundamental that group members have the opportunity to express themselves and link with others as part of their local integration.