The Microcredit Program aims to strengthen distinct types of ventures through access to modes of financing and technical assistance. It is developed within the framework of the National Microcredit Law.

Because the implementation of these microcredits involves technical assistance and training, each initial and renewal of the microcredit loan involves a visit to the business to be able to jointly assess the situation in which it is located.

To access this program, entrepreneurs have to meet a series of requirements:

  • Have a functioning business for at least one (1) year of implementation.
  • Create an assessment of the business with the credit counselor that enables the evaluation of costs, expenses, profits and more.
  • Have a supportive guarantor that will sign the contract along with the entrepreneur.

The program allows for the development of the project over time. As long as payments are made in a timely manner, the recipient can renew and increase the amount of the loan, or in other words, gain access to a line of credit.

This methodology generates small networks of integration within the community in addition to involving the entrepreneur in the organization and the responsibility of their assumed commitment.